Crime And Punishment Iq Analysis

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In the novels Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky and IQ by Joe Ide, we are faced with two different stories about crime. Ide’s story includes different characters that are trying to solve a case about a man almost being killed by a pit bull. Meanwhile, Dostoevsky gets more personnel with the characters discussing the surrounding society and what has brought about the character’s criminal actions. Throughout the novels the criminals and their actions are discovered, although the crimes are committed by different characters in the novel, the characters who were behind murder had the hardest time covering their guilt. In the novel IQ, there are three characters that were responsible for the attempt at commitment of crimes. The characters…show more content…
The story starts out with a former University student, Raskolikov that is contemplating murdering an old woman who is a pawn broker. He considers her to be a “leech” to society and discovers when her half-sister will be out at a certain time and goes to kill the old pawnbroker. “Roskolnikov was positively going now for a “rehearsal” of his project, and at every step his excitement grew more and more violent” (3 Dostoevsky). As he begins to complete his murder the sister ends up walking in on the crime being committed, when then he ends up having to kill her too. He somehow, out of luck was able to escape the scene without being noticed, but soon after falls ill for what he has done. He is consumed by mixed emotions of guilt and empowerment that cause him to almost confess to the police about what he has done. He finds himself worrying showing stress through much of the novel until the woman, Sonia whom he confesses his murder to finally convinces him to confess to authority. Svidrigailov is another character that has been reputed of being responsible for many deaths including his wives. He tries to pursue Dounia, Raskolikov’s sister and draws her to him by telling her about overhearing her brother’s confession to Sonia about the murders. He then after lets her go and shoots himself because he knows he cannot have her and he has committed crimes he cannot be…show more content…
In IQ Bobby Grime and Skip were the two main criminals of the novel that wanted were trying to kill Calvin and make a fortune off of his records, and only seemed to have obvious guilt as they were being caught on to. On the other hand, Roskolnikov and Svidrigailov made their guilt more noticeable and struggled to hide it as well. Roskolnikov showed it immediately after what he had done, meanwhile Svidrigailov is more of a heartless type character that eventually shoots himself from the things he has

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