Create Me In Grace: Huswifery By Edward Taylor

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Create Me in Grace In Edward Taylor’s poem “Huswifery”, he produces the feeling of a prayer to God for how he would like to be created completely in grace and the honor of the Lord. He uses conceit to continually compare himself to God’s spinning wheel. The prolonging of his metaphors explains his prayer to God, which is to be made with grace by the almighty weaver (God), and to be deserving of the true eternal gift of heaven. Throughout the poem as a whole, Taylor does not change the meaning he wishes to get across. He wants to show his faith and loyalty to the Almighty Lord by showing God full control over how he is made up, his values, and what his life will mean. I feel that Taylor is trying to strengthen his relationship with God by showing that he wants to help benefit his Lord in any way that He feels possible.…show more content…
He continues this by steadily comparing each of his characteristics to parts of God’s spinning wheel. Taylor asks that all of his beliefs come from the Holy Word (His distaff), and that he longs to stay in line with the Lord’s wishes by His “swift flyers”. Essentially, in the first stanza, what he is telling the Lord is: take my heart and soul and mold it into what You think is best for Your needs, because I am

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