Elizabeth Warren's 'A Fighting Chance'

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Elizabeth Warren wrote the book “A Fighting Chance”. She talks about her life growing up in the “ragged edge of the middle class”. In the book she writes about her family, like her father, her childhood and her first failed married. Warren also talks about her early days as a professor at Harvard Law School, which she was known for her research into the causes and effects of bankruptcy. Elizabeth Anne Herring (also known as Elizabeth Warren) was born on June 22, 1949. They lived a humble, middle class life in Oklahoma City. Her father made a huge impact on her life. Her dad, Donald, had “big dreams” and wanted to fly airplanes, he became a military flight instructor, but still hoped to become an airline pilot. He took a variety of jobs such as selling carpets to working in a car dealership to finally getting a…show more content…
Her mother was also a worker in the family; she took a job at Sears, answering phones. “Money was a problem growing up,” Warren writes. She didn’t do so well in high school and didn’t make the highest grades, she elaborates, and “I wasn’t pretty… I didn’t play a sport, couldn’t sing… but I did have one talent… I could fight – not with my fists, but with my words. I was the anchor on the debate team”. She was later named the Oklahoma’s top high school debater, earning her a debate scholarship for Washington University, in Washington, D.C. After two years in University she met her husband, Jim Warren, who was a member of her high school debate team. She later enrolled in law school at Rutger and did very well. She landed a teaching contract in the University of Houston. In teaching at a law school, she had found her calling. She went into a study of “who went bankrupt” with her

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