Iran Nuclear Deal Research Paper

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Is the Nuclear Iran deal good or bad? Should they take the iran nuclear deal would it hurt us or help us or not do much at all. Basically we are pushing off the deal because if we did not have the deal they could bomb us. Basically Iran is going for nuclear weapons that they want. So the deal is that Iran wants bombs and nuclear weapons but I believe we do not know what we should do so we are trying our best to push the deal back as far as we can. Iran was constructing a nuclear reactor that would use natural uranium for their bombs. So the deal was that Iran had agreed to redesign and rebuild the Arak reactor so it will not produce weapons and plutonium. Well under the terms of the deal the reactors and fuel would be for them to produce a bomb and would be shipped. Iran would not be able to build any additional heavy for 15 years. But how do we know that Iran will not cheat with the deal? Even…show more content…
So for a single nuclear weapon for Iran it would take them a year. But we will truly see how long the deal will actually take it could be years and years who knows. So there are facts about whether the deal is good or bad and a lot of others of course have different conclusions to if that is true or not. One of the reasons is that a lot of everyday americans support the deal and truly believe that we should take the deal, yet I still disagree with them. Another reason most democrats do not support the decision from what they have heard but are still undecided in what they believe. So it sure feels like to me that a lot of people want us to take this deal. President Obama needs votes to prevent the senate from passing a disapproving the Iran nuclear deal. The deal really comes up to the majority support in the House or the Senate. The senate needs 60 votes for them rejecting the deal, Though they have pledged to go with what the president what like to do about the

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