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I want to become a cosmetologist because, I want to help people with their hair, makeup, and to suit their needs. I want to be that one person in the world that no one can stop talking about because of how good I do hair. That is why I want to be a cosmetologist. The history of cosmetologist started in the 19th century with the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, romans and the Middle Ages as well as renaissance, Victorian age and barber pole. The definition is the art and science of beatifying and improving the skin, nails, and air, it’s a Greek word which is Kosmetikos meaning skill in cosmetics. In 2012 there were 3,000 makeup artists employed. In 2010 there were about 628,000 jobs held in the US. The number…show more content…
You have to be at least 16 years of age to get out of school and for that you can’t become a cosmetologist until you have your high school diploma or your GED. There are many personality’s you should have if you want to become a cosmetologist like for instance you should have good lessening skills, creativity, perseverance, and need to be detail oriented. You can’t become an official cosmetologist you have to have generally around 9-12 months of schooling. You have too many skills to be a cosmetologist like creativity and dexterity. Those are somethings out of many you should try to have or to accomplish to get better at. Some possible levels in cosmetologist some are shampooer, make-up artist, hair stylist, nail technician and/ or skin care. There are not many classes you have to take in high school to be a cosmetologist but you need to do good in all core classes like math, English, science and social studies and the best thing to do is to stay in high school an graduate. In this carrier there are no armed force training

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