Coral's Argument Essay: Racial Divide In America

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I, being a senior, am in a crucial stage in my life where my adult years are on the verge of starting. Every night I set a few moments aside to keep working on my college applications but my nerves get the best of me from submitting the forms. My mentor, David Daniel, attends Harvard on a full ride scholarship from The Gates Millennium. I have another mentor named Coral Marra, who attends Mizzou but still has to pay a lot. The thing is, Coral had the same amount of credentials, (if not more) a better looking resume, and a higher ACT score than David at Harvard, and still was not accepted. The only difference between Coral and David was that David was an African American from Nigeria whose family had always struggled for money, while Coral was a Caucasian from “good ‘ole Missouri” with a mom and dad who never failed nor struggled to provide anything wanted or needed. Through the countless nights of us 3 sitting in a mixture between a “cake batter and chocolate” smell chilled room, at Cold-Stone Creamery eating Peanut Butter Perfection ice-cream. I wrote a plethora in my notebooks filled with countless pages of scribbles and…show more content…
Wolfgang explains that colleges don’t ever just ‘admit’ how they select their students or main reasons why , but studies prove it that this “frowned up” method is real: It's an unfair advantage given to the lower income and different nationality families. Life is about survival of the fittest and in these cases, even if you are not fittest for the college, and others have better grades and resume, you gain a better chance at "surviving", by being able to attend a better school for having the extra “cultural diverse” background. The main point of “Racial Divide Still Exists" Ben Wolfgang notes, is that colleges pick and choose in an unfair way to

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