Personal Narrative: Basketball Fever

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Basketball Fever On one brisk night in October around 7 o’clock PM, my brothers, my cousin, and I were headed toward downtown Chicago on I-90. Traffic was overflowing for miles on end, moving slowly towards that magnificent skyline. Looking up at the Chicago skyline, was like something you would see in a picture. The brightly lit buildings contrasted the completely dark sky. Almost giving the buildings an alluring glow. Eventually, when we finally made it to the city, the amazing Chicago skyscrapers looked as if they were touching the sky. The Chicago Bulls were playing the Denver Nuggets in the United Center that night. The surrounding area of the arena was completely filthy, it looked like a ghetto. Graffiti covered the walls and on the sidewalks. The of…show more content…
One of the acts was with Benny the Bull, the mascot for the Bulls. Benny is a red child friendly bull that wears the Bulls uniform. He usually fools around and pranks people for entertainment during the game. For our entertainment, Benny bowled, which meant the cheerleaders would put him on a tiny little scooter, much like something you would put heavy objects on and roll . Well, they put him on and launched him on a giant sling into human sized bowling pins. That was the highlight of the halftime show, other than that there was a lot of dancing from the Luvabulls, the Chicago Bulls cheerleaders. Second half was about to start and I stayed in my seat, while my cousin and my brothers went to use the restroom and get food. When they came back, they brought back some delicious nachos, which is one of the best parts of the experience of a Bulls game. The nachos had tortilla chips which oozed with melted cheese all over it and had slices of jalapeno on top of it, which came in a serving container and the aroma had a strong cheese smell to it as well as a spice smell that hits your nose right away from the

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