Comparing Un Chien Andalou And Trip To The Moon

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In the films Trip to the moon, and Un Chien Andalou, both capture different acts of bizarre and unusual situations. However, these films reveal a different interpretations to the stories bizarreness. These two films Trip to the moon, and Un Chien Andalou, demonstrates and approaches the viewer by grabbing them and revealing different conditions of the films strange unusual behaviors. These film portrays emotion, storytelling and dramatic effects to tell the story and to have a good ending. In Trip to the moon, George Melies conveys a story of men going to the moon. This film portrays emotion, to reveal the men traveling to the moon, In beginning of the film, there was strong emotion presented. For example, the heated argument and the blueprint of the mission to travel to the moon. The traveling men showed high emotion. Another aspect of this film is the in depth storytelling is revealed the story. For instance, this film has only one-shot dimensions. This film did not have any zooms, or angle change throughout the film. However,…show more content…
The viewers saw different features of emotions. In this film viewers were able to see more facial expressions because this film allows viewers to see close ups and angle change. Throughout this film there was storytelling. Although parts of the film was unclear, there was a story being told. There was a lot of strange and bizarre situations presented in this film. For example, the man riding the bike and then falling or the lady playing with the hand in the middle of the road then getting hit by the car are bizarre situation but it is a type of story telling. This film had various parts of dramatic effects. For instance, when the man is pulling two pianos, two dead donkeys and two men was very dramatic. Not to mention the small but dramatic shooting scene where the man falls to his death but in a different

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