Comparing Slake's Limbo And Cloudy

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1st draft……….. Although batting with spaghetti and meatball tornado is very different from a poor boy trying to surviving in the subway for a hundred and twenty-one days they both have similarities. “Slake’s Limbo” and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball” is two sources that could be easily compare contrast. If you look at every piece of the novel or movie you could see they have a lot of connections and diversities. One element that they both have in common is they both faced problems with themselves in life. In “Slake’s Limbo” as it states, “ which he slept (and sometimes ate), a worthless lump. A worthless lump, he was slapped up in the morning by a kind of aunt. Aworthless lump, he stood in front of the wheezing refrigerator…..He poured cold coffee into his worthless lump of stomach and took his worthless lump body to school.” In “Cloudy with a Chance ofMeatball”, at the very beginning Flint invented spray on shoes which lead to a fail. Everyone laughed at him and Flint wanted to give up and thought of himself as a freak. Another similarities the two sources have is Flint and Slake both have their own hideout (or private) space. In “Slake’s Limbo”, Slake lives underground in the subway and he has his own room…show more content…
Slake got stuff that he call his ‘treasures’ there in there. In “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball”, Flint have his own science lab above ground where he does all his inventions. Same as Slake no one really has been

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