Comparing Propyl And Isopropyl Alcohol

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Propyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol Introduction Isomerism refers to a phenomenon used to describe compounds with similar molecular formula but different structural formula. The different forms exist due to their different molecules organisations. Propyl alcohol has a boiling point of 97.2 degrees Celsius whereas isopropyl alcohol has a boiling point of 82.5 degrees Celsius. They both have the molecular formula of C3H8O.The two isomers have their molecules bonded together by hydrogen bond, this is the bond between hydrogen atoms and oxygen molecules. This article explains clearly the difference in their boiling points despite the fact that they got same molecular formula. The difference in their boiling points is…show more content…
Equation for preparation H 2 C=CH 2 + CO + H 2 → CH 3 CH 2 CH=O Preparation of isopropyl alcohol It is produced by produced by combining water and propene in a hydration reaction (Elschenbroich, C. 2006) Diagram showing the structures of propyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol Rationalize the difference in boiling points between the members of the following pairs of substances. 1) HF (20 degrees Celsius) and HCl (-85 degrees Celsius) HF has a higher boiling point because of the following: HF molecules are more polar thus a stronger ionic bonding between HF molecules. The hydrogen bonding also in HF is stronger than dipole-dipole forces thus a higher boiling point in the pair. HCl has lower boiling point because hydrogen bonding is weaker than dipole-dipole force. In summary, HF is capable of H bonding, HCl is not making HF a

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