Comparing Like The Sun And The Open Window

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In the stories "Like the Sun" and "The Open Window" two characters cause issues among people using honesty and dishonesty. Vera, in "The Open Window", deceives Framton by creating a haunting story to scare him. Sekhar, in "Like the Sun", hurts the headmaster's feelings with brutal honesty. Both characters have negative impacts on others, but lying has a worse effect than being too honest. Vera's made up story is with the intention only to scare Framton whereas Sekhar is trying to help the headmaster by being completely truthful while reviewing the headmaster's musical skills. The immediate effect Sekhar's honesty has on the headmaster is simply the headmaster is sad and decides to no longer continue on with music. While Sekhar's honesty may be rude at first, the effects later on will be that the headmaster will not be wasting time doing something he is not meant to do. Sekhar is harsh in his review, but he ultimately helps and benefits the headmaster. The headmaster is now able to spend his time discovering a different talent he may have rather than spending time on music that he will not become better at.…show more content…
Later on when he learns Vera actually lied to him he will be angry and no longer trust her. Vera's lies will have no positive outcome whereas Sekhar's brutal honesty will ultimately have a positive effect on the headmaster. Also, Sekhar will not have lost the headmaster's trust and actually might become someone the headmaster will look to for good and honest opinions. Framton's view of Vera will not improve later on like the headmaster's did of Sekhar; Framton will actually learn from her lying to him not to trust her and will think less of her for finding amusement in his

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