Comparing Imagery In 'Rape Joke And Landays'

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The Significance Of Imagery Martin Luther King jr. Once said "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people". When writers write they are not just releasing their words, but they are speaking things such as oppression into existence. it is important that people write and speak about what they believe in even if it is writing about their own personal experiences. This experience may relate to someone who has a bigger voice and it may influence them to want to speak against their oppression or oppressor. Writing allows a writers to create images in the mind of the reader. When these images are made the reader is able to understand the writing much more clearly. Often when a reader is able to create an image in their mind they're able to connect it to a moment in their life.The significance of imagery in ‘Rape Joke' and 'Landays' is…show more content…
Patricia Lockwood speaks about a serious topic with a more relatable and more palatable tone by using humor to mask the otherwise heavy topic of rape. "The rape joke is that it wore a goatee. A goatee" (line 3), the writers mention of a goatee to poke fun at her oppressors appearance allows us to understand her anger and animosity towards her oppressor a bit more. Similarly in this landay the afghan woman ridicules her oppressor by illustrating for the reader an image of the oppressor. "You wound a thick turban around your bald head to hide your age./Why, you're nearly dead" (pg.60) . This illustration strategy of mocking the oppressor allows the reader insight on how an afghani woman feels being forcefully married to such an old man, as if being with them is a joke. Both the afghan woman and Patricia Lockwood illustrate for the reader the appearance of their oppressor in a way that isn't very pleasant. By doing this the reader is able to imagine their shared

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