Comparing Homer's Odyssey And Shrek Two

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I decided to write about both Shrek and Shrek 2 because I started with the first movie and ended up watching the second. Shrek is our hero in this story, before he goes on the quest he is already isolated from fellow humans because he is an ogre. His swamp is being taken over by Lord Farquaad and to get his swamp back he must go save the princess in the tallest tower and bring her back to Lord Farquaad. Shrek must battle a dragon to save the princess. He has a helper named Donkey who accompanies him on this quest. Donkey is supposed to be the heroes “noble stead” or as Vladimir Propp would call him, his helper. Lord Farquaad is the villain in the first Shrek. Shrek follows Propps Path B. His unrecognized arrival is when Shrek comes to save…show more content…
Her goal is to get her son, who is also our false hero, Prince Charming, to marry Fiona. Fiona is our princess in both stories. In Shrek 2 another helper Shrek has is a cat named Puss in Boots. Shrek along with Donkey and Puss In Boots go on a quest to make Fiona happy again. Shrek 2 reminds me of Campbell's 3 Part Journey. The first part, Separation, Shrek and Fiona are apart in the beginning of the movie because Shrek believes Fiona wants to be with Prince Charming. The second part, Initiation, is when Shrek goes and brakes into the Fairy Godmothers office and turns himself into a human and donkey into a stallion so that Fionas parents will accept him and Fiona will love him. Then lastly, Return, when Shrek and Fiona both transform back into ogres and stay together. Shrek is more of a hero then Prince Charming because of how selfless he is. He goes and becomes human just to make Fiona happy and her parents happy. All he cares about is loving and protecting Fiona. He even was willing to let her go so she can be with Prince Charming. Prince Charming only wants to be king of a kingdom and doesn't care about Fiona. Prince Charming and his mother, the Fairy Godmother, only want power and are

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