Comparing Cath And Wren In Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl

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Nowadays, the online community plays a significant role in the lives of most teenagers, as is the case in Rainbow Rowell’s novel Fangirl. Cath is an intellectual college freshman, a dependent twin, and an avid writer. She spends a large portion of her free time composing fan fiction about her favorite novel series Simon Snow. On the other hand, Cath’s twin sister Wren is independent, spontaneous, and well adjusted to her new life at college away from Cath. This duo could not be more opposite if they tried, and their new lives away from home threaten the bond that they have always carried with them. In this journal I will be questioning, connecting, and predicting. Throughout Fangirl, it is obvious that Cath and Wren have a tight-knit relationship with their father; however, the twins do not seem to be very keen on their mother, whom they rarely…show more content…
Already, Wren is elated to meet new people and has described her newfound independence as an adventure, whereas Cath has struggled to leave her old life behind. Since Cath and Wren have always shared a room with each other, it is difficult for Cath to imagine having a different roommate. Wren contradicts her sister’s opinion by supporting one of her own: “’this is college,’ Wren persisted. ‘The whole point of college is meeting new people.’ ‘The whole point of having a twin sister,’ Cath said, ‘is not having to worry about this sort of thing” (Rowell 6). Additional proof for my prediction stems from the fact that the girls only see each other once a week, and Cath has already detected a change in Wren’s behavior as a result of her roommate’s influence. Clearly, there is evidence leading the reader to believe that Cath and Wren will grow apart while they are away at

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