Comparing Alice In Wonderland And The Modern-Day Film

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“Alice in Wonderland” is a story that is not lacking adventure. This iconic childhood story is full of riveting experiences, as Alice falls down the rabbit hole, she enters a new world, she enters a wonderland. Wonderland is full of deranged characters, challenging obstacles and crazy adventures. After watching movies on replay, as many children do, one might begin to idolize characters in such films. Children look at the way characters react in situations and try to mimic these actions in their own lives. What lesson can be learned from Carroll’s original tale, “Alice in Wonderland” and the modern-day film? There is not just one lesson or characteristic to take from this adventurous story and movie. Although these stories are closely related, there are some differences. Lewis Carroll illustrates a young version of Alice, whereas the contemporary film presents a older Alice, this provides multiple lessons to be learned from both. A great act of valor, and sisterly love can be found in this marvelous tale. The lesson of being respectful at all times is found in the original tale. Lewis Carroll writes “Alice in Wonderland” about a juvenile that takes a trip down a…show more content…
She is preparing to be proposed to, as she makes her way throughout the garden she exemplifies excellent manners, making sure she speaks when spoken to and addresses the guests there. Alice shows the greatest act of love when she finds out a rather scandalous secret about her sister husband. While walking through the garden, she sees two people kissing, come to find out, it is her sisters husband and the woman he’s kissing, is not her sister. Alice is now faced with a hard decision to make, does she tell her sister? Upon returning from Wonderland, the opportunity to reveal the truth about her sisters unfaithful husband presents itself, however, she does not take it. Alice’s love for her sister is so strong that she cannot bring herself to break her

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