Comparing A Certain Lady 'And To The Labor Party'

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Sijan Karki English 102 Comparing two poems People have found many ways to express themselves with the help of language and poetry being two of the many ways. Poetry, according to is a writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm. People use poems to express emotions of love such as “You, Therefore” by Reginald Shepard, or to rebel, as seen in the poem “To the Labor Party” by Jean Binta Breeze. Poems have deep meanings in them and everyone who reads it may not have the same understanding of it. The key to understanding a poem is to know about the analytical tools. Analytical tools help readers break down any kind of poem and understand it, it can likewise assist in…show more content…
The poem is written as a narrative poem. In this poem the poet is attempting to convey her passion. The poet appears to be madly in love with a guy and he seems not to acknowledge it. She plays and tries using seduction to show her love, but the guy never gets the signals. This poem starts up with poet talking about how she tilts her head with the smile on her face. She states she can drink all the words and paint her mouth red with it. She also talks about how the guy talks about love but fails to see the poet right in front of him. This ignorant behavior of him has got the poet very sad and this hurts her deeply when she thinks about it every time. She is always happy as she is in the morning and as light as snow whenever she thinks about him, which the guy will never know. The poet is always glad to see the guy and listens to his adventures with other ladies he dated with. Such stories told by the man does not discourage the poet to convey her passion towards him. She says her love will always be for him whether he is away from her or

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