Pathophysiology Personal Statement

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PERSONAL STATEMENT Observing and working with my father, a physician and an Anesthesiologist in India since childhood launched me on a journey to become physician. As a kid and a high school student I used to go to the hospital along with him. Especially I remember about ER and Leprosy wards. I have seen people suffering and how doctors can change their lives with treatment and patient education. I witnessed how noble the profession is. He is a true inspiration for me and all these lead me to take Botany and Zoology after my high school. A physician should also be a student throughout his career with a zeal to learn new things. I have learned this from my father as he always tries reading books when free. After getting through a very competitive exam, I was admitted to a prime medical college in Andhra Pradesh, India. My medical school experience was rewarding and helped me grow intellectually, emotionally and personally. I enjoyed the coursework and I had numerous case discussions with professors and residents which helped me learn the skills of diagnosing and managing different medical conditions.…show more content…
I found my rotations in Internal Medicine to be especially challenging and interesting. Every case I came across from Renal Failure to Septic Shock were fascinating learning experiences as the pathophysiology I learned earlier began to make sense. I elicited history and performed physical examination on a variety of patients and finally arrived at a differential diagnosis. Every patient taught me something new. Their appreciation always boosted my confidence. I began to understand the need to practice not just by knowledge and skills but also with care and

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