Analytical Essay: The Truth Of The American Dream

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The truth of the American Dream is the quintessence of most all American icons, and accomplishing the American Dream is the quintessential goal of both citizen and immigrant alike. Some would say the American Dream comprise just of having the capacity to purchase and own a home and drive an extravagant car, yet it is quite a lot more! The American Dream is truly so named because of the open opportunity, which apparently exist just here in America, for an eager individual to have the capacity to have a remarkable accomplishment, is through his or her own diligent work and determination. The truth of the American Dream is that individuals are equipped for succeeding. Achievement obliges one to buckle down and be devoted to both his/her professional…show more content…
The American dream has been characterized as the thought that through diligent work, valor, and determination one accomplishes prosperity. Furthermore, the American dream concentrates on equality, justice, fairness, freedom and security in one's country. Each of these standards was abused in one scene in different ways. The scene happens when a youthful, upper-class, African American couples are pulled over by the police in light of the fact that their vehicle fits the portrayal of an auto which has been hijacked (00:17:49). There are four principal characters in this scene; however the couple's activities are the most applicable to the impact submission has over a man's line of reasoning. From the character, Cameron Thayer's point of view society has added to a particular criteria and method which he must follow keeping in mind the end goal to keep on living in a wealthy society. His wife's sense of safety and protection has been taken from her when a Caucasian police had the privilege to candidly assault her by sexually harassing her before her spouse. She lost her poise and additionally her feeling of solace in her own neighborhood. The police think his behavior was right on the grounds that she was opposing his requests. Her view of the American dream has changed as her sense of security has been breached as well as her country and her husband

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