Compare And Contrast Efik And Tewa Creation

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Death’s Beginning Death is something that happens every day in today’s world. It is a natural thing that we people have learned to accept. Although, it wasn’t always like that, back before the world was created some creations did not believe in death. Life continued in a cycle of growing old until you are young again. In time, that changed and there was a factor and or event that caused death to appear into their culture. In the Efik and Tewa creation, the appearance of death by disobedience occurs in very similar ways. In each of these myths there is a higher power that created all things the people live within. In the Efik creation their higher power was Abassi. The people were not allowed to express their independence, everything they…show more content…
Abassi feared his people not needing him to the point where he tried to control them too much. “Each day a bell rang to call the human couple up to Abassi’s table for meals” (Leeming 81). In the end, Abassi demanded too much attention from the couple that they got tired of having to only listen to him. Thus, causing them to go behind his back and doing the things they were forbidden to do. As for the Tewa myth, the people feared what they didn’t know. “They were terrified of the long night, and in the morning the ignored Spider Woman’s advice and traveled to a mountain they could see clearly”(Leeming 269). In comparison, these two situations are not similar by the event that actually took place but, they event that came from…show more content…
For the Efik creation, it was Abassi’s wife Atai. “Had it not been for Atai, the god’s wife, they would not have been allowed to live on earth” (Leeming 81). Although Atai was the one who wanted the couple, she was blamed by her husband as the reason the couple didn’t follow the orders they were given. “they have forgotten all about me; see what you have done” (Leeming 81). With Abassi blaming her, she took it upon herself and try to please her husband by killing the people who wronged him. In the Tewa creation, the people come across The War Twins, grandson of Spider Woman. The war twins are provoking violence among the people after Spider Woman told them not to fight. ““Don’t be foolish the way these boys are”, she advised the people. “They are war-makers; don’t waste your time fighting each other”” (Leeming 268). The people ended up not listening to Spider Woman and instead took the way of the war twins. Violence went on for a long period of time, which enlightened the war twins. “and the war twins in the sky laughed at them” (Leeming 269). The War twins and Atai where they factors that caused the people in the myths to encounter violence and death, thus changing the way of

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