Holistic Psychology: Less Prescription Medicine

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Holistic psychology is defined as healing the whole person. It is a three dimensional process that addresses the body, mind and spirit. It is an integrated approach that addresses wellness by promoting health of the body, mind and spirit. “Tapping into the natural resources of the body and spirit opens a pathway to inner medicine that can heal and balance physical and psychological suffering.” (Melissa Dubin, 2015). The whole person experiences mental and physical symptoms which are sustained in the mind and spirit and brought to life physically. Melissa Dubin, PhD of the Earth Light Foundation, states that “holistic psychology brings a healthy connection to life”. The word “heal” originates from the word “whole”. “Healing thus means becoming alive in ones’ wholeness, from which health radiates.” (Melissa Dubin, 2015)…show more content…
I believe in total wellness and healing as a whole and not just halfway. I am not a fan of prescription medicine which often times have extreme side effects and leads to a vicious cycle of pill popping addiction and sacrifices health. Due to healthcare reform, the culture of healthcare is changing to a more preventative, less pharmaceutical approach. The focus is on wellness; therefore, a more holistic pathway would serve as a measure of prevention for mental and some physical disorders as it can be viewed as a preventative therapy because “it teaches one to recognize the symptoms of an issue and address them before they affect the rest of the body as a whole.” (Good Therapy.org, 2015) This correlates with my belief using a more natural approach than a pharmaceutical

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