Argumentative Essay On Government Surveillance

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Creative Title There are fathers who won’t be able to walk their daughters down the aisle, children who won’t have mothers to tuck them in at night, and brothers who won’t have sisters to tease. O0n September 11, 2001, a terrorist attack occurred killing 3,000 loved ones. These deaths occurred because of the lack of security and government surveillance. However, due to the numerous amounts of deaths on this tragic day, the United States of America has increased surveillance by monitoring emails, phone calls, and texts, diminishing the amount of terrorist attacks in the U.S. While some may say that government surveillance is an infringement of privacy, losing privacy is more important than losing loved ones (AAAWWUBBIS). Government surveillance is a necessity as it stops terrorist attacks, and ultimately saves the lives of thousands of Americans.…show more content…
For instance, information gathered under Prism has helped foil 50 terrorist attacks (Smith 6). This prevention of terrorist attacks has resulted in the impediment of catastrophe, saving numerous lives. Also, Rob Johnson, a twenty one year old from Chicago candidly stated, “I think it’s OK for them to be invasive” as “I’d rather have them track who we are talking to if it saves American lives”(qtd. Smith7). However, many opposed to government surveillance overlook the lives saved and solely fixate on their privacy that they feel has been violated by the government. Even though the government does look through the emails, phone calls, and text messages, only the threatening and hostile emails, phone calls, etc. are scrutinized and examined

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