Communism: Vladimir Lenin's Communist Revolution

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Communism is an economic system in which the government controls all means of production. Communism at one point was very similar to socialism, that is until Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924). When Lenin became leader he believed that socialism could not be achieved unless there was some type of violent revolution. Lenin thought that the best way to stop resistance was to create “terror” -- mass executions, slave labor, and starvation. With all the chaos during the last two years of World War I, Lenin’s methods became an effective way to seize and hold power. Socialists in favor of Lenin’s tactics were known as “communists” and even came to power in China, North Korea, and elsewhere. One of the most important facts to know about the economics of communism is that communists revolutions triumphed in only heavily agricultural societies. One of the founders of the Communist Party in China was Mao Zedong. Zedong was in alliance with Joseph Stalin and Kim II-Sung, both of whom were communist leaders. Joseph Stalin was General Secretary of the Soviet Union’s…show more content…
As a one-party Communist state Cuba relies on external assistance and a captive labor force to survive. Fidel Castro’s 83-year-old brother Raúl still leads both the government and the Cuban Communist Party. Under the government of Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, China has discussed the need for economic “rebalancing” (the shifting of power and wealth from state-owned enterprises and local governments to the household sector), but real changes in power relationships have been hard to find. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam still remains a Communist dictatorship characterized by political repression and an absence of civil liberties. There is corruption on every level of the Vietnamese government and judiciary. Factionalism and bureaucratic rivalries, nepotism and vast corruption within the Communist Party of Vietnam, and slim to none

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