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Therefore different selections can be made upon request. The receptionist or desk manager may assist the client choose the best type of massage to ensure a happy and satisfying massage. While working at a spa I have a life experience, because I worked in many spas as a receptionist. I would always push clients by choosing acupressure. I love acupressure. Acupressure is a form of alternative therapy. Which everyone needs. The meridians on the human body direct the therapist to where the pain occurred. The human body works as a system. The nervous system indicts where the pain was originating and where it left. For the more remote pain acupressure can be done exactly on the tense point. Gradually, history has shown other locations that not only alleviated pain, but also influenced the function of a certain organ. There is a book Mr. Barry…show more content…
Many American Therapists will manipulate a point. Also, American massage therapists will massage their own acupressure points. This helps especially to enhance their circulation and flexibility and keeping the points less tense. Acupressure involves placing physical pressure, by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices. Acupressure is believed to give an individual a greater balance and circulation of energies in the body, a class mate of mine would go in great depth about how this evidence is true. His name is Ronald Mitchell; Ron has educated himself in acupressure. Ron stated that it is intended to affect and balance the energetic system of the body in order to treat the human body, mind, emotions, energetic fields, and spirit. Acupressure is good for many individuals. It is really good for individuals who are going through a great deal of pain. For example, Neil Ching was a great emperor who would use these great teachings on himself. He used massage and acupressure and found that it worked magnificently. Nie

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