College Admissions Essay: Fighting From My Mind

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Fighting From My Mind As I awake, my eyes feel heavy and swollen from last night. Remembering the hot tears that streamed down my face, the salty taste of my tears, and the pain in my chest made me feel lightheaded. Knowing the horror as I think about going back to school, I know the judgemental stares will go right through me; following every move I make. I look to the clock and read 8:33am. “Crap,” I hear myself say. I scramble to get my clothes on and grab the closest fruit I see. I run out the door hurrying my footsteps. I hear the air brush past my ears as I heavily breathe to get to school. Dreading this day, I already know what to expect when I walk through the school doors. I briskly move into the main hall in my school. As I try to calmly walk, I hear my breath still trying to find air into my lungs from running. I can’t help but think about my life as a teenager. I fantasize the day where I am can be treated like a human being. Not some crazy kid who had a past. I’ve changed… or at least I’m trying to. I can’t think of one day where I was happy, happy to be myself. No matter what happens, I cannot erase the thoughts of hatred out of my body. They’re all flowing through my body in my bloodstream, sealed into my brain as…show more content…
These five minutes to my next class are the most dreadful and horrible moments of my high school career. I feel the scars still haunting me from every hurtful thing that has happened… I feel constant resent and loathe toward myself and the feeling of life as Wyatt Anderson seems to have no meaning at all. I snap out of my thoughts as the teacher tells me to go to my next class and I gradually make my way to the door. Step by step, I go into the crowd of the judgemental civilization I am trapped in. I sink my head so low as if it will submerge into my chest. Observing the ground, I feel invisible… finally unnoticed as I walk to my next class… but I was

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