Cole Failed Himself Analysis

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I think Cole failed himself because of his actions on the island. Cole is always angry wherever he goes, even if he's not doing anything to make him angry that is just his personality. The second thing is, Cole has a jealous and sad personality all the time and even on the island. The third and last thing is, Cole thinks he is all tough, but really he's not that's just his personality to people to be scared of him. That's the main things of Cole's personality to people and animals. The first reason why I think Cole failed himself is, he's always angry about himself or other people. “He burnt down his only shelter on the island.” Pg.. Why I think Cole did that is he felt alone on the island and was angry with his family members. So that caused…show more content…
The first evidence is, “He got jealous because the birds are having a better life than him.” Found on pg.75. He was getting jealous because the birds were having a good time by soaring through the sky with there mom, but how he got jealous is, that he never had a mom that would help him to do anything. Why she didn't help him was she was always out partying and when she did come home she was to drunk to notice anything. The second evidence is, “He saw that the sparrow nest was down and he actually said to them, are you okay. Then he also is thinking about them, when he is suffering on the ground.” I found that on pg.79-80. That takes a lot for Cole to say to the sparrows are you okay because he is never a person that would care so much about something. The last evidence is, after the storm “Cole found the birds first he found 1, then 2, then 3 and 4 and they were lifeless little sparrows, scarred in the short grass where they have been thrown from the nest.” Found on pg.81-82. Cole wanted to find the birds so bad to see if they are okay and I have never seen that since of Cole be like that before. He is actually is trying to help for once because he is sad that there nest got ruined. These are ways that Cole failed himself from his jealous and sad

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