Cognosys Hospital Case Study

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1. Problem Definition What I have notice over time the hospital is that they don’t have a centralized system that each and every hospital can access. Which mean that documentation such as Births, deaths certificate and immunization information etc., is store at one location Births, deaths, and fetal deaths are not reconciled with admissions. Monthly census summaries of vital events are compiled manually and are prone to errors. There is no verification process between the summaries and actual data from medical records. The forms used for reporting and registering births and deaths are handwritten and provide for free form information entry rather than forced fields entry. The information is very difficult to retrieve and to find particular…show more content…
When neonates die in the nursery, if the cause of death is not known, a postmortem is performed. If the postmortem takes a long time, the mother will often not return to claim the body. In these cases, the body is often disposed of with no birth (or death) notification. Staff at Victoria Jubilee stated as a matter of policy that if the mother did not claim the body within 30 days, the body would be disposed of with no notification. 2. Doing this project will allow me to get hands on experience in project development and implementation. Also doing this will allow me to do something that is positive and beneficial to my country. 3. There are similar systems like Cognosys Hospital Management system and SoftClinic: Cognosys registration, instantaneous profit and loss statement for your Hospital Management, log in any time anywhere, totally electronic medical records, unique patient identification; Cognosys Hospital Management System offers futuristic solutions for you. It is a Software with highest quality, usability with lowest maintenance & cost. Our Hospital Management Application on secured private cloud enables you to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital. SoftClinic have Features like: • Accounting…show more content…
like bed, ward ICU  Manage own profile Doctor module:  Manage patient. account opening and updating  Create, manage appointment with patient  Create prescription for patient  Provide medication for patients  Issue for operation of patients and creates operation report  Manage own profile Nurse module:  Manage patient. account opening and updating  Allot bed, ward, cabin for patients  Provide medication according to patient prescription  Manage blood bank and update status  Keep record of patient operation, baby born and death of patient  Manage own profile Pharmacist module:  Maintain medicine  Keep records of hospitals stock medicines and status  Manage medicine categories  Watch prescription of patient  Provide medication to prescriptions Laboratorist module:  Watch prescription list  Upload diagnostic report  Preview of report files. like x-ray images, CT scan, MRI

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