Coach Carter And Tuckman's Theory

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The movie I choose to analyze is called “Coach Carter”. The analysis will consist of two portions, a reflective and a conceptual portion. The reflective part will consist of my observations in the film and show different observations and provide a meaning to them, moreover I will also share each character views and their behavior in various situations. As for the conceptual portion, I will be looking at two different theories that I have learned throughout the course of organizational behavior, by briefly defining the theory as well as relating it to different scenes in the movie and applying them. Movie Summary: The story of Coach Carter is based on a true story, about a basketball team from Richmond High School and their coach, Ken Carter.…show more content…
To begin with, Tuckman’s five-stage theory of group development suggests a group of individuals that come together to achieve certain goals and objectives. The theory includes five stages, forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning, the movie illustrates conflict at the beginning, but the team eventually comes together and reach a common goal, therefore I will be using each stage to analyze different parts and scenes of the movie. Firstly, in the forming stage, is a stage of un-clarity and confusion, the goals of the group are not determined and are still at a stage where they are learning about one another and the purpose of the group in order to agree on specific rules and goals that are to be succeeded. In the movie Coach Carter, the Richmond basketball team was established years ago and consist of players that have interest and skills for the game, however they have limited amount of winnings. As coach carter accepts the job of training the team, they started to get to know each other and establish a common goal, which is winning and becoming state champions. The second stage is storming, during this stage conflict arises over authority and goals, in the movie the…show more content…
Coach carter ensured that they get the necessary help they needed in their studies and also provide a considerable amount of training that will enable them to start winning games. In order to make sure that the players perform well, he presented them with a contract to ensure that they respect his vision that he has drawn out for their future, to summarize the contract, it include that they attend all classes and sit in the front row of the class in order for them not to get distracted as well as maintaining and achieving a 2.3 grade point average at least, also they must wear a suit and tie at the day of each game. By providing such a contract with the team he create a conflict that provoked the parents, the school and its board members as well as the community as a whole, however this did not stop the coach from changing his vision towards the team members as well as the idea of the educationally system that is implanted in the minds of the community, where education is not important and most of the students will end up in jail rather than

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