Clive Davis Accomplishments

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Clive Davis has been a sensational music producer known by most people in the music industry through his musicians he produced and from his achievements and awards. Davis was interested in music by his passion for producing and the money that came with it. I think it is surprising to think how musicians like Ethal Waters or Sinatra do from 5 to 6 shows in a single day, which was what I watched when I went there for my birthdays. Goddard had offered me $11,000 to start, and he also said I was guaranteed $25,000 when I would start. They had already asked me to join the CAMI work, which I accepted the offer. (Davis, 2013) Davis struggled and had some bad events in his life and because of that; he had a hard time starting in NY again. My father…show more content…
American Idol became a very well known franchise after mine and Kelly Clarckson’s success with it, but we had to work through some issues with Kelly during it. The American cancer society, The American foundation for AIDS research and more had given Clive the Humanitarian award. He was good at many things he did and he was also very educated, and made history with Arista and other record companies. He had been very smart and he got a choice of first rate law schools to go to. Also he was president of his alumni and student council class. He graduated from Phi Beta Kappa, and in all he was very smart and did well academically. There was a job offer that would mean that I would be in control of Columbia records as administrative vice president, and also came from the position that Goddard had offered me. A lot had been accomplished between Arista and Columbia, but Arista had a bunch of artists and styles that had reminded them of their accomplishments. Culumbia's past would not hold back the average music fans that i hired when the artist and chance presented

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