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Have you ever been completely oblivious to something, and then all of a sudden everything clicks and becomes clearer? After discovering her true identity and embarking on the search for the Mortal Cup with her friends, she is shocked to find who her real friends and enemies are. When Hodge abandons his students and Valentine kidnaps Jace, Clary runs off to find out where Valentine is hiding. She encounters Luke and his new wolf pack, and they work together to hunt down Valentine. This novel allows me to evaluate Jace’s ironic search for love, Clary’s important search for the real identity of the people she is accompanied with, and the productive search for the Mortal Cup. After reading The Mortal Instruments City of Bones, I have found that…show more content…
This all changes when he meets Clary because she thinks that his bragging and self-confidence is annoying. Jace sparks an interest in her, and secretly tries to slowly win her over. Late one night Jace takes Clary into the Institute’s greenhouse for a picnic, and he opens up about his not-so-pleasant-yet-interesting-and-informing☺ (hyphenated modifier) childhood. Jace and Clary walk back to the bedrooms and stand in front of her door. Clary asks, “‘Aren’t you tired?’ His voice was low. ‘I’ve never been more awake’” (Clare 316-317). Right after speaking those words, Jace makes his move, cups her face, and kisses Clary with passion. Because he is an adroit kisser, Clary couldn’t help but kiss Jace back just as hard. This is important because his words and actions are showing that his more sensitive emotions are slowly starting to creep out. Unfortunately, Simon opens the bedroom door and interrupts their kiss. Jace becomes frustrated and acts like he wasn’t the one who initiated the kiss. Because Jace acts like he didn’t enjoy it and starts to ignore Clary, their developing relationship is set back. This…show more content…
Her interactions with those people are important because they complete her search and find their true identity. After talking with many people, Clary finds her true identity as the daughter of Valentine Morgenstern and former Shadowhunter, Jocelyn Fray. Clary finds out her mother is still alive when Jace says to Valentine, “‘My mother is alive?’ ‘She is,’ said Valentine. ‘Alive, and asleep in one of the downstairs rooms at this very moment’” (Clare 441). Valentine is like a teacher☺ (simile) because he springs new, unfamiliar information at the teenagers. She also finds that Jace is her brother, whose real name is actually Jonathan Christopher. This information is important because it reveals the truth about the holocaust of Valentine’s house. She now knows that everybody survived and escaped the fire Valentine set. Finding out that Luke is a werewolf was also important because it shows why he has scars all over his body. After all of the searching Clary did, she now has a clearer picture of who everybody really

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