Christopher Mccandless And The Wild Analysis

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Christopher McCandless was influenced by the famous environmental writers I have examined in this unit because in the documentary of his exploring the wild he showed a positive attitude toward the environment and negative one towards the way other human have treated it. “Live life through experiencing,” showing that he was a free-spirited man that was inspired by many environmental thinks. This was a guide through life in order to show how to live life the right way was you needed to go through negative and positive experiences impacted on. Through the documentary Christopher was that he enjoyed and loved to be with nature so much, more than a regular person who have, he was more about just living free with nature. Henry Thoreau was one of the writers that had a big impact on McCandess life because through the documentary in the experience in L.A. Thoreau made him realize that people are destructive to nature. This scene connects to what Thoreau was saying “It is lumber. [They have] laid waste the air.” In other words this means humans tend to be destructive, and don’t recognize the damage they cause. Live intentionally to avoid this. Another quote that Thoreau has influenced on Christopher was “How could youths better learn to live…” A scene was that he was not going to wait till someone teaches him, he is just going to do it himself instead. It was to show “If you want something in life, reach out and grab it.” It means that if you…show more content…
One person that McCandless met was Mr. Franz who he has pushed to get out his house and live life to the fullest. He also found this couple, that the lady lost her son a while back, but when he found, McCandless had reminder her of her son which he had taken the place of. During the whole documentary he met a lots of people and had an powerful influence due to the influence of famous environmental

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