Chica's 'Hiding To Survive': Personal Narrative

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In Hiding to Survive, all its about is the holocaust. There are specific people that states what happened to them. They have been hiding, starving, captured, and had guns pointed at the them. Lots of them were the ages of 7-16 getting pulled around trying to get his by their parents. On page 43-51, Manny Stern was 7, at first he was with his family then, Fabarons took him in. The rest of his family was split up. Page 29-41 was my favorite part of the book. Stanislawa Chica took in Rose Silberberg-Skier, in 1946 and her family. They hid in a barn, with her aunt, mother, father, sister and lots more people came in. There was too much people to feed all the kids and adults that were in the barn, they got fed once a week. Silberbergs younger…show more content…
Her Aunt Bela received a letter from her husband, she wrote him back in Yiddish. Then an SS man came and knocked on Mrs. Chicas door asking where Roses Aunt was. Rose got thrown into a bunker so the SS men would not capture her. Mrs. Chica's neighbor hated the Jews, if she found them shed turn them in. Page 63-71, Jacques Van Dam (8) in full swing Jews were being deported off of the streets. His father sent him to Northeastern Holland to live with someone he worked for. Ten days later, he was sent back, for the safety of his family. Germans had taken more and more kids from school. March 2nd Jacques Uncle Willem took him to a family's house, Koelewyn. This family had an 11 year old daughter (Annemarie) who would always play with Jacques at her house. In the distance fog he house, late in the Trinity Lewis September 3, 2015 Hiding to Survive summer, there were shootings from Germans. Jacques ran away for an hour and a

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