Chicago The Gift Outright Analysis

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As long as humans have been walking this great earth we have been searching for some sort of identity, a sense of reasoning as to why we are here and what our purpose is in life. Back and forth, we have a constant battle with our ego about what we believe is right and wrong, what is light and what is dark. We have our own individualized methods and reasonings as to what our true identity is and what has influenced us to become the people we are today thanks, in large part, to where we are originally from. Here in America, our identities and perception of the pride and views of our country are changing every day. In the poems “Chicago” and “The Gift Outright” Carl Sandburg and Robert Frost describe American identity by choosing various descriptive…show more content…
He basically describes the Windy City as a very blue collar town that works hard for everything it gets. “Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the big shoulders” (Sandburg). These are just some of the words he uses to describe the grittiness of Chicago. Carl Sandburg personifies Chicago in this poem by using the word “you” like he is talking to Chicago itself. He states that people have told him about the dangers of Chicago in the early parts of the passage and he agrees with everyone of them. What can be seen in this passage is that danger lurks everywhere, not only in Chicago but in this country in general. We shrug off the danger and continue to live our life because danger lurks around every corner, but there is so much greatness and so much opportunity that it far outweighs the substandard. If you think about it, we, as American people, are enjoying our luxuries in life right now because of the hard workers of past generations. Cities like Chicago are the center of producing some of the major goods and services that our country provides to not only the American people, but the whole world. We continue to work hard each day in order to provide a better tomorrow for our children and for generations to come. “Chicago” basically just states that yes, we are a hard working city and yes, there is alot of violence, crime and negatives but we love where we are from and proud of

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