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People could drive through Chicago and sparks would be flying everywhere! The Great Chicago Fire was the greatest fire in the history of Chicago. A massive heat wave started the humongous fire. The Great Chicago Fire had spread rapidly through Chicago. The fire mad a lot of destruction in the city. People started rebuilding stores and homes very quickly. This was a very tragic event for Chicago. In Chicago during 1871 the city was ready to burn because of a massive heat wave. Many people were dying of being too hot. There were already six fire outbreaks a day. The night before the Great Chicago Fire Patrick and Catherine O’Leary’s barn went on fire. Luckily there friend was leaving the house and saw sparks from behind their house. He went to the fire alarm operator and told him to set the alarm. The fire alarm operator set the wrong alarm. The fire went through 4 blocks before the fireman got there. They got the fire out later that night. There were many lives lost during the fire. Some were very tragic and others weren’t. Some died of intense heat. Then when they were found they were lying on the ground. Others died right inside their car. Two toddlers died in a car because a baby-sitter thought they were sleeping. They were later produced dead in a…show more content…
No one could stop the fire. Not even bricks and solid metal. The solid metal turned to liquid and the bricks crumpled in intense heat. Some buildings turned flames as if they were made of straw. Some people went on the streets watching the fire with fear on their faces. Others were fleeing. The courthouse was forced to let the prisoners out, but the murders were led away by armed guards. A lot of people ran over to the North Side River hopping in hoping the river will stop the fire. But, in the middle of the fire a humongous cloud formed and it all the sudden it started to rain! The Great Chicago Fire had lasted 29

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