Cheryl Strired's Wild Research Paper

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Adventure beyond Men Adventure is an idea associated with men. When adventures are being retold it is usually assumed that a male is the one partaking in the adventure. This assumption is due to the social standards placed on males and females. Males are expected to be masculine and females are expected to be feminine. Adventures are usually associated with males because the act of venturing out into the unknown and conquering the unconquerable is seen as masculine trait. There is a preconceived notion surrounding adventure in which women are not expected to seek adventure without any assistance from others. Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and Jennie Goode’s Drive are two novels that show women can seek adventure despite their gender and the gender stereotypes that surround femininity.…show more content…
By making the choice to hike the Pacific Crest Trail “alone” Strayed is able to embrace all her flaws she has been taught to view as flaws as a women. Strayed is a “free spirit”, strong enough to brave the life outside of the cage women have been placed in rather than spending many “years in the cage”. Seeking an adventure on the Pacific Crest Trial allows Strayed to be “brave” and live without fear. Strayed lives beyond the “story” “women are told”, she crosses the line, and breaks the boundaries of the stereotypical woman in her adventures. The acts of “[fucking] every one of those men” by Strayed while on her adventures shows women are sexual being the way that men are, paralleling that women can have adventure the way that men

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