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My partner and I watched the documentary called Chasing Ice, which followed the studies of James Balog and his associates. In this documentary, Balog sets up cameras and shows the regression of ice caps in Alaska, Greenland, Montana, and Iceland. When he showed his findings at the end of his documentary, I was astounded to see how much the ice had receded into the mainland. Pierce and I both commented on the regression and how that his evidence shows that in the past ten years, the ice had receded more than in the previous one-hundred years. We both thought thought seeing the changes over a four year period was exponentially more than what we thought and that seeing the frames in such a fast sequence made the changes more real and captivating for viewers. In my opinion, seeing the accelerated increases in the melting of the ice changed my viewpoint on global warming because actually seeing real evidence of the melting of the ice made a big impact on my views. Before I watched the documentary, I thought that global warming was only changing our world slowly because it had only risen between one half to one degree celsius.…show more content…
While walking through the ice and snow, Balog stopped and showed the viewers small black holes in the snow. He said that these holes were in fact collections of carbon, methane, and other greenhouse gases. The collections of greenhouse gas residue, attracts more UV rays than the surrounding snow, which melts the snow from the heat of the clusters. The camera then preceded to pan out and show that the snow was riddled with the small collections of greenhouse gas residue. In my opinion, this is enough evidence to show that we are the cause of the melting of the ice. With this information, it is evident that the cause of the melting of the ice is excess of greenhouse gases in the

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