Charna Monologue Cinderellana

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Act 1: Setup Opening Image: The film opens with a campaign van for Hal Walker that is driving around Nashville. The very first image we see is a poster saying “Walker. Talker. Sleeper.” Over an intercom speaker on the van we hear Hal Walker’s political speech, following this we hear country superstar Henry Gibson recording a patriotic song called “We must be doing something right the last two hundred years”. He is getting irritated with his music accompaniment. It then shows a clip of a choir with a white gospel singer with a black choir. (1:27) Inciting Incident: Barbara Jean faints and her husband is everything, but loving and supportive during her time in the hospital. (9:29) Plot Point 1: After Barbara Jeans fainting a pileup of cars occur…show more content…
The film is structured in such a way that it does not have any main characters. It follows all 24 characters and shows how the characters meet before they understand how there lives are related to one another. The film does not have a protagonist because most of the time the characters are brought up only enough so you cannot forget who they are, and then moves on. The two main characters in the film are arguably Barbara Jean and Linnea, but the film has a number of “main characters” because all of the recurring characters are tied together. Each character has a goal, but many of the characters end up not achieving their…show more content…
In the beginning of the film, we see Linnea, her husband, and her two deaf children having dinner. During dinner, the phone rings and Linnea finds that it is Tom trying to schedule a date with her. Linnea declines his offer, so the next day he calls again and she tells him not to call anymore. Later in the film, Tom calls again and invites her to come to a nightclub where he is playing, and she accepts. Tom and Linnea end up sleeping together. Tom begs her to stay longer, but she declines. Before she leaves, Tom is already on the phone with another

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