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Chamarajanagar, Karnataka Chamarajeshwara Temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. The Temple was given the form at the end of the nineteenth century. The temple Rajagopuram has 5 storeys, 70 feet in height and 5 glittering brass 'Kalasha' placed over the top. The temple is famous for the Rathayatra festival, celebrated in the month of July every year. Chamundi Hills Mysore, Karnataka Chamundi Hills is one of the prime attractions of Mysore city. The Chamundeshwari Temple, which is on Chamundi Hills, is the temple dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari, an incarnation of Devi Parvati. There is a statue of Mahishasura, and it is believed Chamundeshwari destroyed the demon Mahishasura, bringing peace to the people. Halfway up the Chamundi hills, there is a huge monolith idol of Nandi. The Nandi statue is 5 meters tall and is among the largest statues of Nandi in India.…show more content…
The place is wrapped in the blanket of nature with scrub vegetation and stream flowing through it. Unearthing of the place led to the discovery of picturesque earthen pots, painted bowls and Indian coins Channapattana Ramanagara, Karnataka Channapattana is located on Mysore-Bangalore highway. It was the Capital city of the King Timmapparaja Aras and afterwards Jagadevaraya. This city is known for its wooden toys and lacquer ware that include brightly colored wooden toys of various shapes and sizes, door curtains and powder boxes and a range of distinctive jeweler. Chaubara Bidar, Karnataka Chaubara is a 22 metre high, old cylindrical tower which is situated in the heart of Bidar. One can enjoy beautiful views of the entire plateau from this tower. Chikka

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