Character Analysis Of Sammy

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I believe that Sammy’s taste and background is very influential on his decisions. You can tell from the story that Sammy is mostly about looks and physical appearance. He also is very observational. This is vital to the background of the story because you are able to know where Sammy is coming from. You can better understand the main character of the story which in turn helps you understand everything else that happens in the story and why makes the choices he makes. If you did not know Sammy it would be hard for you to understand why he quit his job all for some girls, but by reading the story and having knowledge of Sammy’s taste I am to conclude that he quits his job because he mostly wants to prove to the girls and himself that he is not…show more content…
The girls are the opposite of the regular customers and it brings excitement to Sammy that they are different than the rest of the customers and he finds that intriguing. These characteristics make them foil to Queenie and her friends because most of the other customers stay in the boundaries and stick to the status quo. When they see these girls it is something they have never seen before so they want to know more about them because they are interesting. What makes these girls appealing to Sammy is they are different than the regular customers. They are something Sammy has never seen before so he is intrigued. In a way they are what Sammy wants to be, different. He does not want to be like Stokesie or the straight-laced Lengel he wants to be noticed. Also the attractiveness of Queenie enthralls Sammy. The biggest reason I believe she appeals to Sammy is her confidence. He is amused that she can walk into a store in her bathing suit and still be very…show more content…
The supermarket is perfect for because the girls are able to stand out there but also the manager and others are able to fit in. The supermarket is a place where not many adolescents are so it all helps them stand out. If the story setting was a car wash the girls would have fit in and the whole point of the story would be missed. The girls are suppose to be different and which is intriguing. A fast-food restaurant manager might not have acted the same as the manager of the grocery store. I see the manager at a fast-food restaurant being more lenient towards the clothing and it would again miss the important reason for the story. Business on the other hand would have been the total opposite I think the girls would stand out way too

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