Character Analysis Of Ruby In The Darkest Minds By Alexandra Bracken

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Ruby is the most dynamic character in Alexandra Bracken’s novel The Darkest Minds because of how much her personality and confidence grew from all of her experiences. At first, Ruby is portrayed as an insecure person who is scared of herself and cannot let go of the past. While she is still held captive at Thurmond she shares, “I didn’t know how to use my abilities. I wasn’t like the other Oranges, who could spout off commands or slip nasty little thoughts into other people’s minds. I had all of the power, and none of the control - all of the pain, and none of the benefits.” (Bracken 285). Ruby is very uncertain of how well she can control her powers, which affects how she treats herself and others. She has an extremely hard time trusting everyone…show more content…
Instead of blocking out everyone who approaches her, she slowly lets her guard down around her new family; especially around Liam. Although being able to trust people is good for Ruby, she gives her trust to the wrong person once she reaches East River. Clancy uses Ruby’s faith in him to his advantage and traumatizes her just when she starts feeling comfortable around others. By the end of Ruby’s dangerous mission, she has become a brave, selfless, and controlled person. In the last chapter, Ruby chooses to remove all traces of herself from Liam’s memory. She went from completely distrusting everyone to having such a powerful relationship with Liam that she didn’t want danger to come his way just because he recognized her face. Ruby was so sure of the decision to force someone she deeply loved to forget her which is very different from the indecisive character she began as. Erasing people’s memories was a power she was once afraid of, but she learned to accept all of her fears along her

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