Character Analysis Of Nicola Yoon's 'Everything, Everything'

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INTRO PARAGRAPH The expression “Love can make us do crazy things” is real in this story. Olly loves Maddy and is willing to protect her at any cost. Maddy has a life threatening illness but risks her life for love by running off to Hawaii to create a friendship with Olly, that potentially leads to more. Maddy’s mother lies to her saying she has a deadly disease and she could die if she goes into the outside world. In Nicola Yoon’s “Everything, Everything”, Maddy’s mother does everything to protect her but her love is only pushing Maddy further away, Olly is willing to do anything to protect and keep Maddy safe from her disease, and Maddy falls in love with a guy who she barely even knows. BODY #1 Maddy’s mother’s love is truly expressed…show more content…
My version would start when Maddy is going to Hawaii and she faints for the first time in the airport, before they arrive in Hawaii. She arrives in the hospital and talks to her doctor. The doctor informs Maddy about some good and bad news. The bad news is she still has SCID disease. The good news is that she is allowed to go outside and visit Olly but the doctor cannot guarantee that she will not collapse again. Obviously, that still does not stop Maddy from visiting Olly. When Maddy comes back from the hospital, Olly moves away from his neglective father to a small city an hour away. Maddy is torn because she misses Olly and to see him she will have to risk her life again. A few days later, Maddy texts Olly saying that she wants to visit him again. He says that she can’t come because he doesn’t want to risk her dying. Maddy loves Olly very much so she goes without telling him. This shows that she loves Olly and would go out of her way to visit Olly again if it were for her to die. She arrives at his house the next day and Olly is not happy. He insists on taking her back to her house but as they keep fighting, Maddy collapses again and is slipped under a coma. The story resumes when Maddy finally wakes up one week later from her coma. She looks around the room and Olly is first person she…show more content…
Olly had 2 very hard decisions to make; he had to choose the good choice, to see Maddy again, or the correct choice to let Maddy be safe and never see her again. To make that choice is probably and extremely hard and crazy thing to do. However, Olly didn’t make that choice for Maddy when the event of Maddy’s second collapse occurred. Another point to prove that Olly is willing to do anything to keep Maddy safe is when Maddy slips under her coma. When Maddy slips under a coma, the story is put to a pause. Nevertheless, when the story proceeds, we pick up that Olly has waited a week for Maddy to wake up and get better so they can have a chance to talk and look over what happened and what will happen next. Imagine waiting for someone to wake up but they may not ever wake up. That shows true

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