Chapter Summary Of Incognito By David Eagleman

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Incognito by David Eagleman raises awareness on exactly how much of the brain’s activity is truly under a person’s conscious control. People like to believe they are in control of their own decisions, but after reading this book, it’s very clear that a lot of choices are based on human biology. Most of the brain is automatic and people do not consciously have all the answers they give themselves credit for. Chapter two develops this idea in mentioning how people do not observe to their full capacities. A lot of what we see in the world is not the entire picture, making vision a very subjective matter. Eagleman is telling his audience that the brain tells you what you are seeing and is in complete control over what you do and don’t perceive.…show more content…
Eagleman runs a study exhibiting how more people who commit violent crimes inherited certain genes from their ancestors causing these behaviors to be more inherent than in the average person. People are not as controlling over their behaviors as it is believed, causing the question of whom to blame for wrongdoings to arise. Who a person is isn’t solely determined on who he or she wants to be, but runs deeper than a conscious effort to make the right decisions. A simple change in biology could change a person’s behavior and even a person’s ability to practice free choice. How can people be prosecuted for their crimes if technically they cannot control their actions? Yes, crime requires punishment, but if free will does not exist, is it really correct to call the person responsible guilty? With so many drugs used to “fix” people nowadays, it is clear that people have already started understanding the connection between actions and biology. Eagleman suggests ditching the idea of blame and believes that one day, society will unite with science to form a fairer legal system. The brain’s impact is a serious matter. It isn’t so farfetched to wonder what changes will take place in the future as more is

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