A Brief Review Of Neil Simon: Play Summary

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I was recommended by a friend to read the full play version of a comic drama written by Neil Simon named Biloxi Blues. The play is written with representational, stylized, and free-flowing acting in two complete acts. While I was reading the comic drama, I was able to see the seven components of a play. First, I will review the main characters in the play and the plot. Secondly, I will evaluate what makes this play a comic drama and how it relates to the theme. Then, I will discuss the elements of diction in the play. Afterwards, I will discuss the music and spectacle part in the play. At the end, I will discuss the conventions in this play as well as my overall opinion to the play and the writing style of the playwright. The play’s plot and characters were thought out very well. The plot…show more content…
The play’s plot is started with the audience being introduced to the character Eugene Morris Jerome, who is the narrator of the story. He is a young draftee in the Army and an aspiring writer from Brighton Beach, New York in the year 1943. While he is in the service, he wants to achieve the goals of losing his virginity, falling in love, and becoming a writer. Eugene was not an only in this play. Eugene and four other men arrive by train in Biloxi, Mississippi after only been in the Army just four days. When the men arrived in Biloxi, where they were addressed by Sergeant Merwin J. Toomey. Sergeant Toomey is their basic training officer and disciplinarian for the ten weeks the draftee is at Army camp. Sergeant Toomey is an arrogant and opinionated person with a foul mouth, who has experience in battle fighting. After the men had been at camp of a while Toomey gave the men a twenty-four hour pass to do what they wanted. In this time, Eugene losing his virginity to a prostitute attaining one of his goals, while at the base things where getting wild. On base one of the platoon committed a homosexual act and was arrested for his actions.

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