Cesar Chavez Social Problems

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Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez were all non-violent protestors who protested for what they believed was fair for everybody. Cesar Chavez was a Hispanic poor hard working farmer that was American born and his family lost their land during the depression. Cesar Chavez was a non-violent protester for labor rights and was the first to create a successful union. A social issue refers to an issue that influences and is opposed by a considerable number of individuals within a society. Cesar Chavez had a major impact on society because the workers of the grape farmers and other farmers were not receiving fair pay or good working conditions and he was working to get them better conditions. He won over people from all over the world with…show more content…
Unfair working conditions have been a problem for a long time it could be dated way back to when people used to have slaves working for them. Migrant workers even had to deal with racism on daily as stated by this article from the UXL Hispanic American Biography, “Mexican American workers also faced discrimination and segregation on a daily basis”(Benson 1). This shows that they not only dealt with underpay and unfair conditions but they also had to deal with racism. People view this as an issue because due to the low wages and constant moving parents struggled to put their kids through proper education. For example Cesar Chavez himself only received education up until the 8th grade as stated in this article on Cesar Chavez from the UXL Hispanic American Biography, “And because their families had to move wherever there was work, migrant workers’ children didn’t have much chance of getting the structured education they needed to escape the cycle of poverty and hard labor and inhuman living conditions. In fact, Cesar Chavez’s formal education came to an end for the most part when he moved to California.”(Benson 1). This shows that not even Cesar Chavez was really able to escape from poverty. I believe this is because most people don’t tend to hire people without a high school education. Since the children don’t have enough education they can’t really find a job that…show more content…
Sweatshops or sweat factories are a work place where people work in similar conditions to those of the farmers. They typically receive low pay for hard labor they work in unbearable conditions and some even have child labor even though there are laws forbidding it. Thanks to sweatshops we get cheaper goods typically clothes but on the other side of the world there may be a child or person who only got paid five cents for making a shoe you paid sixty dollars for. In an encyclopedia it stated, “Brands such as Nike use sweatshops to lower the cost of their products.”(Hickel 3). This shows that even big name brands such as Nike are using sweatshops to lower the cost of clothing, shoes and other merchandise. They pay the workers less incredibly low wages to work for long periods of time reducing expenses but increasing productivity. The poor once again are not being treated with the same rights that somebody in the middle class would get. They are hardworking people just like the farmers but are not getting paid anywhere near what they be earning and that poverty cycle once again will keep going from generation to generation. It states on a reliable website, “A study showed that doubling the salary of sweatshop workers would only increase the consumer cost of an item by 1.8%, while consumers would be willing to pay 15% more to know a product did not come from a sweatshop.”(Hickel 2). This explains that it wouldn’t hurt many people to

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