Central Valley Landscapes

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In this world that we live in, we see different type of landscapes in each country and region. Landscape is defined as the features of an area of the land such as mountains, rivers, or lakes. The Central Valley, which is located in California, has several different landscapes, such as the Stanislaus River. The Central Valley also has several characteristics that are seen regularly in our daily lives. The characteristics that the Central Valley offers include the culture, ethnicity, and the economic diversity that are seen through the Central Valley. First of all, the Central Valley has varieties of different cultures. Some cultures that we see in Central Valley could be native from California while the other culture that we see in Central Valley could be a foreign culture. For example, the Central Valley used to be the home to the native culture of two Native American tribes: The Maidu Tribes and the Yokuts Tribes (nativecultures.com). Pop cultures are also part of the key elements of Central Valley. Probably the most iconic part of pop culture that is well known in the Central Valley is the filming location of the movie American Graffiti. The movie was filmed at Modesto, California. Ironically, the film’s director, George Lucas was born in Modesto, California. Since the film was…show more content…
The Central Valley is known to have a large number of Non-Hispanic Whites and Latinos (ppic.org). Many cities in Central Valley are also named after a Spanish words or names. Notable cities that are named after Spanish language in Central Valley include Modesto, Salida, Fresno, and Merced. Modesto means modest, Salida means exit, Fresno means ash tree, and Merced means favor in Spanish (spanishcentral.com). With these cities that are named after Spanish languages and with the large numbers of Latinos, it might be a fact that the Central Valley’s main ethnic groups are

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