Carmen's Short Story: The Queen Coney Island

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Carmen Parker; the name that was on everybody’s lips… “The Queen Coney Island” is what she was known as, singing and preforming in many of the local bars and clubs. “Carmen doesn’t have a problem…” her manager would snap if any of her fans enquired about her. Many argued that she peaked too early, being in her prime at only seventeen years of age; although Carmen had an amazing talent, substance abuse got the better of her. Whenever Carmen entered the Five Roses bar, she stopped the heart of every single man in the building. It wasn’t because of her looks, though they might have been tempting if it hadn't been for the true reason that she stopped the clocks in the city: she reminded each and every one of them of the women they should have saved, protected from the hard, cold world.…show more content…
This took him by surprise; no touch he had received from another person was ever soft or light, he didn’t flinch, however. There was something foreign about this girl – something unsettling and intoxicating. "I like my boys rough," she leaned forward and kissed his collarbone lightly and putting her hands on his face. ”I'm not a little girl anymore…” “That’s enough now Carmen,” the bartender who was well used to her behaviour pulled her from the man. “I rely on the kindness of strangers,” she mumbled as he brought her outside. He knew it was too dangerous to leave her at the front of the bar. Not only would she be assaulted or raped, she would bring a bad vibe to the Five Roses bar, and he was not losing customers over a young lady who could not handle her alcohol. The girl then tried to call down a cab. Many taxi drivers just jeered and cat-called as they drove closer to her, not even allowing her get the door of the cab open. It was a casual night for

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