Car Crash While Smoking By Dais Johnson Analysis

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Today I will be discussing “Car Crash While Hitchhiking” by Denis Johnson. The narrator of this story is a young man in a drug induced state. He believes he has the ability to predict future events. The main plot of the story is about an automobile accident that happens while the narrator is under the influence of drugs. The narrator is picked up by several drivers who share their drugs and alcohol with him. The last people to pick of the narrator is a woman and her husband and young baby. They are hit by a man who falls asleep at the wheel. The woman’s husband dies, but then the story shifts to several years later when the narrator is admitted to a substance abuse treatment hospital. The story was really weird and hard to follow. The narrator seem to be telling the story through his drug induced state which, makes his statements seem off. I know many writers use the method of doing drugs in order to write stories and I believe this is that type of story. The automobile accident is the main plot in the story. The narrator is part of the accident, but he seems detached from the incident, and becomes more of a bystander than a participant. The automobile accident seems to be a changing moment for the narrator life. The…show more content…
His feelings about what happen during the automobile accident and how he was effected by the woman’s husband death. He seems to want to feel what everyone else was feeling. The woman pain of losing her husband was so paramount to him, that somehow he wanted to be part of that raw feeling. He looks back at the events in which he saw himself detach from all the things that were happening around him. His now sanity and sobriety does not take way the senseless acts that happen during that automobile accident. He seems to want to find redemption for his past indiscretions, but he doesn’t seem to find

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