Capernaum: A Short Story

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I just noticed that it went into my spam folder and I wasn't aware. Sorry about that! I just got the email again from you today and I realized that the location is far away from where I live, but hopefully one day I can go and check it out. I really wish I could go tonight! Does Capernaum have club every month? Anyways, I should have told you more about myself before and how I got to find about Capernaum, but I will just tell you now. I am 15 years old and I live in Bergen County, New Jersey which is a hour away from Summit. I am part of Asian Young Life, so I attend the Club and Campaigners that they host and went to Saranac last summer. One of the leaders there mentioned to me about the summer trip, Capernaum, and I can in the summer

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