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Who is the speaker you observed? What is his/her occupation? Did the speaker clarify the purpose of the presentation and why he/she is a credible speaker on the topic? I observed Cameron Russell, who is a model for Victoria’s Secret and Chanel. In her introduction, she explained who she was (credibility) and the purpose for presenting her speech. Her purpose was to talk about the power of image. She is a credible source because being a model she sees first-hand the power of image every day. She has had experience with being judged for her appearance and has been the source of many stereotypes. 2. At what location was the speech delivered? What was the reason or occasion for this speech? The speech was delivered at the TedxMidAtlantic Conference in Washington, DC on October 12, 2012. The TEDxMidAtlantic Conference celebrates powerful ideas worth spreading that can positively change the world, and Cameron Russell’s speech fit that criterion perfectly. 3. Did the speaker show any visible signs of nervousness? If some, clarify what they were. If not, what methods do you think were used to help “cover up” any signs of anxiety that may have been present? At first, Cameron Russell did show some…show more content…
What type of supporting materials did the speaker use to develop his/her speech? Were they interesting and/or convincing? Give an example. Cameron used personal testimony and statistics as supporting materials to develop her speech. I found her testimony very interesting and inspiring to know that you are more than your looks. She showed the difference between what she looked like in everyday life versus what her photo shoot pictures looked like around the same time, which was very cool and surprising. The statistics she used were very relevant to the topic of image and supported her speech well. For example, she stated that in a survey of 13-year-old girls in the United States, 53% of the do not like their bodies, and the by the time they are 17, the number goes up to

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