Bully's 53 Cuts-Personal Narrative

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53 cuts counted My sister and I went to Bully’s house.Bully had talked a bunch of crap about my sister at a football game. She said that my sister was a whore and danced on a pole. My sister lightly knocked on the door three times with hesitation and the door opened. “what?” said Bully. Emily’s face was scrunched up and ugly like she was about to cry. I kind of looked at Bully to memorise her face just incase I had to give description to the police. I really just wanted to get in her face and scare her. ”I just want to know what I did to you, and why you said I was a whore and danced on a pole and stuff”, Emily said with quietness.I sat their and my blood was just starting to rise in temperature. “ Because it’s true” Bully said with…show more content…
I don’t know to this day why I decided to do that but I did. All that was lying in her bed was an empty pill bottle. But I know that was not the first time it had something empty lay on it. I didn’t want stay long, because I tried to be tough until I realised no one was in the house. After I cried the air in my lungs became heavy and my chest felt like someone was holding my heart about to make it pop just for their entertainment. This must have been the evil force finally weakening me. I let go of the now warm doorknob and walked away.There have been many nights Emily has cried over Bully, but this time she went to far. I don’t know what exactly Bully did, I never asked just in case I triggered another attempt.I remember just crying that night wondering when people would realise that words do break bones. When she was finally able to back to school four days after the attempt or however you put it, she was immediately called into the office. Apparently, Bully said she sent nudes to some kid. It was a lie, the night the picture was supposedly sent was the night she was in the hospital. But how would Bully know that? My counselor called me into the office and that it couldn’t have been possible. I showed them proof, 7:45 is when my picture was taken of Emily waking up in her disgusting hospital room. But I didn’t want to go back to class. I wanted to explain what “innocent until proven guilty” really

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