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Hello, I am an alumni of Buffalo State's undergraduate system and a current student enrolled in a graduate program. I, like many other alum and current students, am concerned with the direction that this campus is heading. Let me begin positively by stating that the experience that I had within the History Department here at Buffalo State was top-notch. If it were not for the incredible faculty within that department, I certainly would have transferred. Due to the small class sizes, I was able to have increased contact with the faculty and the interactions I had with them did wonders in satisfying my intellectual curiosity. Although I have great pride and satisfaction as a result of that program, my pride remains departmental and not institutional. The reason I am not proud of Buffalo State holistically is due to the continually decreasing admissions standards, which I believe directly correlates to the current crime on campus.…show more content…
The behavior both in and out of the classroom is extremely disheartening to high-achieving students, and has resulted in low morale among many of my peers. Many of these new students seem unmotivated to perform well academically and I, along with others, often wonder why they were even admitted. Furthermore, if you are going to continue to admit these low-achieving students in mass numbers, a logical result is that the UPD will be stretched thin along with all other campus resources. If students are not academically-oriented, it is obvious that they will occupy their time with other activities, some that are less than desirable. Where are these students being recruited from and are they bringing with them a corrosive culture? It's a fair question to reflect

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